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New Zealand in the Team Pursuit

Dear members,


I am delighted to present a special edition of our newsletter dedicated to the important subject of the Olympic Games.


Strengthening the position of the UCI within the Olympic movement was a key strand of my election platform. The sports programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games gives us an excellent foundation for this mission.

Following the introduction of BMX Freestyle as a fifth Olympic discipline of cycling, and the return of the Madison to the Track cycling programme, cycling now stands as the third largest sport of the summer Olympic Games, both in terms of number of available medals and number of athletes competing.


This newsletter formally announces the Qualification Systems for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. I understand the importance for all National Federations to have the opportunity to qualify for the Games and the benefits it can bring to our members. These systems have been developed in line with the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) qualification principles, aiming to foster gender equality opportunity and universality across the globe.


I wish all our members great success in their efforts to qualify their riders to the Tokyo 2020 Games. I would also take this opportunity to thank our colleagues at the Japan Cycling Federation, for their efforts and support to the local organizing committee.

In addition, this newsletter provides operational and technical information related to the Youth Olympic Games taking place in Buenos Aires commencing on 6 October 2018. Again, our friends at the Argentinian Cycling Union are thanked for carrying out excellent work in the Games preparations.



Qualification Systems

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has confirmed the qualification systems for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The qualification systems are published as separate documents for each discipline and are available here for RoadMountain BikeTrackBMX Racing and BMX Freestyle.

The official versions of the qualification systems are published on the NOCnet (IOC extranet for NOCs).

Please note that the official version of the qualification systems published by the UCI is the same as the one uploaded on the NOCnet. However, should there be any disparity between these documents, the version published on NOCnet will prevail.

The UCI Management Committee approved the new qualification systems based on the new events programme and athlete quota allocations.  The IOC principles for qualification have been applied, and efforts have been deployed on ensuring that the best rides have had the opportunity to be qualified, balanced with the need to create regional representation. Opportunities have been sought to simplify the text and create greater clarity for National Federations and NOCs.

Main Changes from Rio 2016


  • All riders will need to hold at least 10 UCI points in a discipline to be eligible to be registered;
  • NOCs will be allowed to enter riders allocated a quota place, in other disciplines, so long as the rider fulfils the eligibility criteria.


  • The overall quota allocated to the Men has been reduced from 144 to 130;
  • The UCI World Ranking will be used as the main route of allocation replacing the complex use of multiple rankings;
  • Full continental representation will be protected in the Individual Time Trial via a special provision.


  • The Madison for Men and Women has been added to the programme with no additional athlete quota available;
  • The number of teams qualifying in the Team Sprint and Team Pursuit events has reduced from nine to eight;
  • Due to the limited available quota, nations who qualify in Team Pursuit will automatically qualify for the Madison, but with no additional quota. Similarly those nations which directly qualify to the Madison will automatically qualify for the Omnium, but with no additional quota;
  • Maximum continental quotas have been removed. Full continental representation is protected via a special provision, with a minimum of four quota places available for all continents (2 per gender, split between sprint and endurance events).

Mountain Bike

  • The Men’s and Women’s quotas have been equalized at 38 quota places;
  • Qualification opportunity from the UCI World Championships has been added.

BMX Racing

  • The Men’s and Women’s quotas have been equalized at 24 quota places.

BMX Freestyle

  • New system created adopting similar methodology as BMX Racing.


The 2018 Youth Olympic Games will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from the 6 to 17 October.

Qualification System and regulations 

The qualification system is available on the UCI website.
Please be aware that the UCI Regulations have been amended for the Combined Team Event.
The order of events will now be the following:
– Road Cycling – Team Time Trial
– Road Cycling – Road Race
– Mountain Bike – Cross-country Eliminator
– Mountain Bike – Cross-country Short Circuit
– Road Cycling – Criterium
Other details have been added, we would kindly ask National Federations to be acquaint with the revised UCI Regulations.

The UCI sent the quota confirmation email to all National Olympic Committees (NOC) on 19 March, with the National Federations in copy. NOCs were responsible to confirm acceptance of, or decline, the available quota.


Quotas which were not confirmed by the deadline will be reallocated to the next eligible NOC.

The reallocation process requires that quota offers are accepted within 48 hours of receipt. National Federations are alerted to this fact in order to work closely with their NOC to be responsive to these reallocated quota offers.  The reallocation process will commence week commencing 2 April 2018.

As a reminder, to be eligible to participate in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, athletes must be born between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2001.

Please keep in mind that a National Olympic Committee delegation may count a maximum of 75 athletes in individual sports and one (1) men’s and one (1) women’s team across team sports (football, handball, hockey and rugby).

An exception is made for the Host Country where it can qualify a maximum of one (1) team per team sport.

Event Information 

The Youth Olympic Village will open on 2 October with the Opening Ceremony of the Games taking place on 6 October and the Closing Ceremony on 18 October.

The Organising Committee has invited all athletes to stay for the duration of the Games.

The competition schedules and training schedules are now available online.

A Cycling Focus day will take place on 12 October with a conference and initiation sessions aimed at all cycling athletes.

More information regarding the Cycling Focus Day will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Training sessions for all cycling events will be held from the 2 to 14 October at the Autódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez from 9am till 6pm.

Distance Youth Olympic Village to the Competitions venues

Youth Olympic Village -> Palermo Woods – Green Park: 20km
Youth Olympic Village -> Vial Costero Lopez: 25km
Youth Olympic Village -> Urban Park – Parque Mujeres Argentinas Cycling : 18km

BMX Racing

Official training:
– Dates: 4 and 5 October from 9.30am to 12pm and to 1.30pm to 3pm and 6 October from 9.30am to 12pm
– Location: Vial Costero Vicente Lopez Cycling

Technical meeting:
– Date: 6 October
– Place: To be confirmed

– Date: 7 October from 11am to 1pm
– Location: Vial Costero Vicente Lopez Cycling

Award Ceremony:
– Date: 7 October immediately after the end of the competiton
– Location: Vial Costero Vicente Lopez Cycling

All information regarding the competition are included in the UCI Regulations

BMX Freestyle

Official training:
– Dates: 7, 8 and 9 October from 1pm to 4pm. 30 minutes sessions will be reserved in alternative slots for men and women.
– Location: Vial Costero Vicente Lopez Cycling.

Technical meeting:
– Date: 9 October
– Place: To be confirmed

– Date: 10 October from 10.30am to 2.30pm for the qualification session and the 11 October from 11am to 1.30pm for the finals
– Location: Parque Mujeres Argentinas Cycling BMX, Urban Park

Award Ceremony:
– Date: 11 October immediately after the end of the competition
– Location: Parque Mujeres Argentinas Cycling BMX, Urban Park

All information regarding the competition are included in the UCI Regulations.

Combined Team Event

Official training:
– Dates:
o   Special TTT training: 12 October (hours TBC)  in Palermo Woods on the official race field of play.
o   Mountain Bike Cross-country:
§  13 October from 2pm to 5pm
§  14 October from 3pm to 6pm
o   Mountain Bike Cross-country Eliminator: 15 October from 9.45am to 10.45am before the competition
o   Mountain Bike Cross-country Short Circuit: 16 October from 9.45am to 10.45am before the competition
– Location: all official training will take place in Palermo Woods

Technical meeting:
– Date: 12 October
– Place: To be confirmed

– Date:
o   Road Cycling – Team Time Trial: 13 October from 11am to 1pm
o   Road Cycling – Road Race: 14 October from 11am to 1pm for the women and from 1.30pm to 3.30pm for the men
o   Mountain Bike – Cross-country Eliminator: 15 October from 11am to 2pm
o   Mountain Bike – Cross-country Short Circuit: 16 October from 11am to 2pm
o   Road Cycling – Criterium: 17 October from 11am to 12pm for the women and from 1pm to 2pm for the men
– Location: Palermo Woods

Award Ceremony:
– Date: 17 October immediately after the end of the competition
– Location: Palermo Woods

All information regarding the competition is included in the UCI Regulations.
A technical guide which details each event will be published later this year.
All road events will be on flat roads.
Mountain bike events will be on flat courses in a park with trees and will content some features. Additional information will be shared by the Organising Committee in the coming weeks. 

For all additional information, please contact olympics@uci.ch






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