Reminder: Radio Spectrum Registration

Dear Member Federation,

As previously communicated, all teams will need valid authorisation to use radios at the competition venues for Glasgow 2018 and, as such, teams are required to provide details of any radio equipment they intend to operate during the Championships.

This is to enable spectrum management between all radio equipment in use during competition to avoid any disruption to event operations, results or broadcast.

UK law is very strict regarding radio spectrum usage. Any team using equipment without an appropriate licence could be subject to prosecution and confiscation of the equipment.

Ofcom, the UK Regulator, has provided the following statement:


“It is an offence contrary to Section 35(1) of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006
(a) to establish or use a wireless telegraphy station, or
(b) to install or use wireless telegraphy apparatus
Except under and in accordance with a licence (a “wireless telegraphy licence”) granted under section 8 by the Office of Communications (Ofcom).

A serious view is taken of the use of radio apparatus without the appropriate licence and prosecution proceedings may be taken against those suspected of having committed such an offence. The maximum penalties on conviction are a £5,000 fine and /or six months’ imprisonment. The apparatus used in the commission of the offence may also be ordered to be forfeited by the court.”


If your Federation requires to register equipment you must complete the Radio Spectrum Registration Form and return it no later than 10 June 2018. There is no guarantee that any requests received after this date will be processed, or Spectrum be available.


If you have received this email, your form is still incomplete or you haven’t requested one yet. Please email Glasgow 2018’s Mobile Communications Consultant on j.m.dundas@btinternet.com to obtain the registration form.


Teams will then be issued with a permit to operate their equipment at the Championships.

Please note that the Glasgow 2018 Spectrum Team will be conducting checks at Venues for conformity to the Glasgow 2018 Spectrum Policy.

Kind regards,


Member Federations Relations Team

Glasgow 2018 European Championships

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