Dear Members,

The UCI Management Committee, at their last meeting in Arzon (FRA) on 19-21 June, examined and approved several UCI Regulation changes recommended by the various UCI Commissions.

As you are aware, the UCI Regulations establish the rules of cycling while keeping up-to-date with the sport’s evolution and development. Therefore, for greater clarity and to ensure all our stakeholders are informed of the changes, updates and implications thereof, a special edition of the UCI Newsletter will be published following each UCI Management Committee meeting focusing exclusively on the UCI Regulation approvals decided during that meeting.

For further information on the above, we kindly invite you to consult the UCI website. Please do not hesitate to contact the UCI Sports Department for any additional explanations.

David Lappartient
UCI President


Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport
Part II: Road Races
Part III: Track Races
Part V: Cyclo-cross
Part IX: Cycling World Championships
Part XII: Discipline and Procedures
Part XVI: Para-cycling
Amendments concerning licenses, travel authorisations, Sports Directors exams, Commissaires and various provisions related to cyclo-cross and para-cycling may be found in the links below.

Clarifications and changes relating to equipment used in road cycling competitions have also been made (disc brakes, extensions for time trial bicycles, speed gel, etc.).

The contents of the license application form set out at article 1.1.023 has been amended. You will find the said amendments below. From now on, we kindly ask all National Federations to use this license application form.

You will also find detailed explanations of the amendments to articles 1.1.021, 1.1.023 and 1.2.023bis by clicking here.

Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport – Amendments to regulations as from 25.06.2018
Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport – Amendments to regulations as from 01.07.2018
Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport – Amendments to regulations as from 15.10.2018
Part I: General organisation of cycling as a sport – Amendments to regulations as from 01.01.2019

The UCI Management Committee and Professional Cycling Council approved several rules relating to teams (teams’ registration, mandatory insurance, etc.), riders’ agents, organisers (duration of Grand Tours) as well as financial obligations for both teams and organisers.

Finally, in-race communication systems (earpieces) are now prohibited at UCI Road World Championships for all categories.

Part II: Road Races – Amendments to Regulations as from 01.07.2018
Part II: Road Races – Amendments to Regulations as from 01.01.2019
Riders’ Agent Regulations – Amendments to regulations as from 01.07.2018


The setup for timed events has been adapted, different track lengths have been taken into account and clarifications added in order to limit differences in interpretation. As for Olympic events, the keirin format has been reviewed. The points scale for the Madison has also been adjusted to represent the same requirement level for World Cup and World Championships eligibility. The quota allocation system for World Championships and World Cups has also been aligned for all events.

Regarding rankings, a few clarifications have also been made to improve consistency, simplify and  uniform the allocation of points according to individual or team events. Finally, clarifications and a stricter framework were introduced for the regulations of Masters category events.


Part III: Track Races – Amendments to Track Regulations with effects on 21.06.2018


Amendments have been made to the UCI Cyclo‐cross regulations regarding the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships: such as the introduction of the Women Junior category; nations quota with equality between men and women; prequalification for Men Elite and Women Elite; and participation in the UCI Masters Cyclo‐cross World Championships.

In relation to Cyclo‐cross courses, there have been changes to the definition of artificial obstacles (restricted list) and a requirement has been put in place that the obstacles used are strictly identical for the Men Elite and Women Elite races.

Articles concerning the unauthorised presentation of a rider’s bike at the podium ceremony and formalising the right of participation for cyclo‐cross events have been amended.

Amendments have been made to national team equipment during the UCI World Cup and advertising on the leader’s jersey of the UCI Cyclo‐cross World Cup, Men U‐23 category.

Administrative updates and designations following the introduction of UCI DataRide and UCI Cyclo-cross Teams have been approved.

Part V: Cyclo-cross – Amendments to regulations as from 26.06.2018

Article 12.2.006, regarding the right to be heard by the Commissaires’ Panel, has been amended. Please consult this document for further information.

Part XII: Discipline and Procedures

Amendments include opening up participation in para‐cycling events to riders under the age of 16, adding factors for track events and updating the conditions for awarding medals for smaller sport classes. A number of clarifications have been provided concerning lapped riders on the road, penalties during team relays, disqualifications in the tandem sprint, the qualification procedure for the Scratch race as well as the procedure in the event of a change of sport class. Disc brakes are authorised for tandems given the braking performance required. Continental Championships should receive greater recognition with the increase of the number of points allocated.

Finally, several measures have also been approved to encourage young riders to enter the World Cup and to ease the entry deadlines for the World Cup and World Championships, as is the case for other disciplines; an increase in the quotas for the Championships.

Part XVI: Para-cycling – Rules amendments in force on 01.07.2018
Part XVI: Para-cycling – Rules amendments in force on 01.01.2019

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